Friday, December 5, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving with the Dinsdale family this year.  Kim and Gary held it at their church and it was a lot of fun to be with family, play with family and eat with family.
Alex loved holding one of his new little cousins!

We played family feud. So fun!


Alex loves his cousin Lilly and she loves him.  They both light up when they see each other!

playing on Lilly's car

We played dodgeball at Uncle Paul's church with Greg's family and then had dinner with the rest of the family as a pre-Thanksgiving treat!

Jeremy did a presentation for his Colonial Fair about who books were made in colonial times

We also had a colonial party

Jeremy's presentation. I helped him make the book

World Stack up Day.  We got up early in the morning to do it at the school before school started.

Alex at pack meeting

The boys and I went to see cousin Scott in his high school play, Les Miserables.  He was one of the main characters

Isaac built a fort

I made the boys pj pants and Isaac helped me fit them to him

Jeremy got to meet his favorite author, Brandon Mull.


Carvin pumpkins!

finished product

finished product

finished product

Jeremy went with Uncle Paul and Aunt Jess to Cornbelly's corn maze

Halloween! Alex is Obi Wan Kenobi

Policeman Isaac

Anakin Skywalker

heading out to trick or treat

Dad took them and even dressed up! He was a proper Englishman!

Alex and Bauer went to see their teacher Mrs. Wride

Alex saw his old preschool teacher Ms. Helen

We went over to the Barker barn

Lee's is always a fun tradition!


off to the ward Halloween party

Isaac was 'under arresting' everyone!

Isaac's Halloween program at school

Jeremy coming in with his class

Alex's parade

Third grade Halloween program

Alex and his teacher

Isaac and his teachers

He under arrested them!

Jeremy and his teacher